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The 2014 Advent Calendar

In December 2014 we had the brilliant idea to create an Advent Calendar, as if we didn't already have enough to do! Each successive day's 'door' would become a clickable live link, leading to a short video blog hosted on YouTube, providing some insight into our day to day studio activities. It proved rather popular, with even Radio 2's Bob Harris re-tweeting links to it on a regular basis. It's archived here. Go on, click on a door...!

The 2015 Advent Calendar

In December 2015 we did another one. This time, however, the idea was that each 'door' would link to a track we've worked on at some time in the past. Again, it's reproduced below as an archive. Some of these tracks you'll have heard before, others perhaps not. All world class, top drawer productions as you'll hear, typical of everything we do here. All in just a few years' work...!


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