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Making it sound like a record

We offer CD compilation and Pre-Mastering as a service to clients who may have recorded/mixed elsewhere, and are ready for that final step of putting it all together, making the whole thing run and sound like a record, ironing out idiosyncrasies in levels and tonal balance, so no matter what you play it on, it sounds right. And getting it nice and loud on the CD, but not so stupidly loud that dynamics and sound quality are compromised, so it’ll sound great on the radio. Or on YouTube, MySpace…or anywhere, in fact.

And when the final thing is to be delivered to a CD manufacturing plant, we create an industry standard DDP file (Disc Description Protocol) on either CD ROM or DVD ROM, or we can even FTP (File Transfer Protocol) the file directly to the plant. DDP is widely acknowledged as the best format for ensuring data integrity between mastering and CD manufacture.

And we master for vinyl too...


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