Dave Maughan UK based Producer, Mixer, Recording Engineer, Composer and Musician .............


Audio Transfers - Tape to digital

Anyone thinking about revisiting their old recordings for a remix/re-mastering? We can help...!

2 inch 24 track tapes digitised to WAVs, up to 96 KHz, 24 bit (tapes 'baked' first if necessary).
Also ½ inch 8 track, 4 track, and 2 track, plus ¼ inch 2 track tapes.
Furthermore, 2 track DAT to WAVS, even 2 track Sony PCM 710 (on Betamax tapes - remember them...?) to WAV.


We also do vinyl transfers to CD or hard disc, including full Cedar DeClick processing and cover artwork scanning. Give us a shout!


Video and Telecine

A new diversification for us. We've been involved in making music videos for some time, but now it's becoming something we're asked about more and more often. One of our 'secret weapons' is an HD frame by frame telecine machine, which gives superb digital transfers of 8mm cine film. Here are a couple of examples of 8mm cine film shot way back in the 1930s which we've digitised and restored.






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