"Listen carefully! Can you hear the difference...?"

Dave Maughan

is a producer/engineer with his own high-end professional studio based in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he has recorded and produced numerous critically acclaimed and highly regarded albums.

Count among these one which was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, and another which was a Radio 2 Album Of The Week.




Put simply, thanks to impeccable ears, skill, and unparalleled attention to detail, Dave Maughan is known for making records which, in terms of both ingenuity and audio quality, stand up alongside some of the finest albums ever made.

With more than thirty years recording industry experience, he cites his additional grounding in feature film and TV work as partly how he’s able to offer "something new, perhaps a more 'filmic' approach to recording and producing albums."

In 2014 Dave himself was nominated for a Best Producer award. He is a member of the Music Producers' Guild.

Dave gratefully acknowledges the support of Arts Council England.



Unsurprisingly, Dave is a musician himself. A virtuoso guitarist, he is also an accomplished arranger, orchestrator and composer. A multi-instrumentalist, he often helps out on bass, piano, organ, various electronic instruments, lap steel guitar, glockenspiel, and even on occasions wine-glasses. Additionally all sorts of percussion instruments find their way onto recordings, with Dave happy to play the part of session musician when called upon to do so.

Dave first came to prominence through his work on the 2000 Mercury Music Prize nominated Kathryn Williams album Little Black Numbers, and almost simultaneously, the critically acclaimed, ground-breaking (and eponymously titled) debut album by The Morris Quinlan Experience.

In the past he's worked with such famous names as Lindisfarne, The Animals, Billy Connolly, Robson Green, Dennis Waterman, Andrew Sachs. The 2006 release of Follow On, the second Morris Quinlan Experience album, brought Dave’s work to the attention of an even wider international audience. And with production and engineering/mixing credits on releases by the likes of Maximo Park, Kathryn Willliams, Jinski, Diesel Therapy, Decade In Exile, Nano Kino, Beccy Owen and numerous others, barely a day goes by when you won't hear some of Dave's work on national music radio.

"Keeps me off the street!", he remarks dryly. Dave has a jolly good sense of humour, drinks too much tea, loves bacon sarnies, and knows how to call a spade a spade. Whilst absolutely uncompromising in his audiophile approach to recording and production, he is still probably one of the easiest people in the music business to work with.

Find out more about Dave by reading the feature article on him in the November 2000 issue of Sound On Sound magazine, written shortly after Kathryn Williams’ Mercury Music Prize nomination.


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