Many clients choose to mix here at FMP, even when they've recorded elsewhere


Mixing at FMP

You don't have to have recorded here to mix here. In fact a large proportion of the work we do here is mixing projects that were recorded elsewhere. Nationally and internationally acclaimed, high profile artists such as Maximo Park, Kathryn Williams, Nano Kino, Decade In Exile etc have mixed albums here. And very recently we mixed a single (recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio) for up and coming artist Tom Mouse Smith. One to watch out for...

Additionally, we often mix projects for artists based further afield - so called 'online mixing', whereby the individual multitrack wav files for a project are sent to us via the internet. Often self recorded material, one recent example achieved the artist an immediate record deal. Result!!

Please get in touch for more information on how we might be able to help further your career in this way!