Many record labels recognise the benefits of working with a combined 'producer/engineer'


Dave is very much a hands-on producer, usually also taking care of engineering duties. Record companies often favour this approach, not just for the budgetary considerations of getting 'both for the price of one', but also because of the inextricable link between production values and the sound achieved.

Dave will often advise using different studios or locations for different stages of a project. For instance, a bigger live room (or even on occasions a good rehearsal space) might suit the recording of initial 'live' backing tracks, where all the musicians can set up and play together in close proximity. Subsequent tracking and overdubs might be more suited to a smaller studio, with its associated cost savings.

First and foremost a musician, Dave's philosophy is to temporarily become the 'fifth member' of the band (or the third member of the duo...whatever...!) for the duration of a project, lending his musical, technical and sonic expertise to the creative process, while his 30-plus years of recording experience can turn even the most ambitious ideas into stunning reality, often on the most modest of budgets.

Time honoured production values matched with a 21st century outlook for a result which is truly timeless!