Dave Maughan UK based Producer, Mixer, Recording Engineer, Composer and Musician .............



We've recorded some pretty well known albums here, not least of which one which was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Another was a Radio 2 Album Of The Week. 4 and 5-Star reviews in well known UK music magazines add to Dave's production and recording credentials, particularly in the Acoustic, Rock/Pop and Alternative genres.

It's a particularly relaxed recording environment where more often than not we charge on a pre-agreed fixed fee per track, per EP or album project basis, meaning that sessions are freed from the pressures of working against the clock. This allows artists without major record company budgets far more opportunity to experiment creatively. Projects recorded here tend to have a sound which stands up against that of some of the great classic British albums from the late Sixties through the Seventies and beyond.

Indeed it's been said on more than one occasion - stuff from here sounds like it could have been made at Abbey Road!

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